Our software helps you connect to and manage your favorite proxy/VPN service. If you need a proxy or VPN, we sell access to them separately. These downloads do not include access to our paid proxy/VPN servers.

FoxyProxy add-on Downloads

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VPN Utility Download

Our free VPN Utility makes it a snap to use our VPN services on Windows and Android. It's not required, however, regardless whether you use Windows, OS/X, iPhone/iPad, Android, or anything else. Instructions to use our VPN without this download are here.

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VPN Utility download free download from Google Play store instructions instructions

Which edition do I need?

Feature Basic Standard Plus
Alt+F3 to quickly add new proxy
One-click on/off proxy switching
One-click proxy cycling
Proxy switching by URL
Proxy switching by local IP address
Animated statusbar/toolbar icons with user-defined colors
Configurable mouse buttons
Instant access via statusbar, toolbar, tools menu, and context-menu
QuickAdd and AutoAdd patterns
Logging tab to assist with pattern creation
Remember proxy usernames/passwords
Free and open-source
Licensed for commercial use

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Release Notes

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