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Timothy Gorman I thank you for your professional service for the time that I needed it. 2015-06-28
Johnny Martel Thanks and keep up the good work.
I love FoxyProxy :)
Johnny Martel Thanks and keep up the good work.
I love FoxyProxy :)
Ron In the future i will need proxies and you will be the first company i would contact. 2015-06-19
David Nicolson Freidberg You people are great. Thanks so much. 2015-06-17
Gry Alice Hi and many thanks to the entire FoxyProxy team for this ;) You sure know how to make a girl feel special - you rock! :D 2015-05-27
Susan Porter I love your service. It works flawlessly and when you have an issue you are good about communicating. If I need support you are quick to provide it. 2015-05-24
Jenn and Tref We have been with you continuously with you for around four years and really do love the service. 2015-05-23
Ethan Thank you as always for the amazing service! You can be rest assured of my business with you for life. 2015-05-16
Ray Stevens Thanks you for your professional handling of the matter. Will certainly
recommend and use you again.
Nick Guyatt I’ll certainly be using the service again in the future, and continuing to tell my friends about it. 2015-05-07
Robert Kush I want to thank you for Foxy Proxy, because it is very important to me. I don't want to lose this outstanding service. 2015-04-10
Chatchawan Sukonpongpao Your service has been so good...I am surely cannot live without foxyproxy. 2015-03-19
Ethan Thank you too for the great service! 2015-03-17
Eric W Nice extension! 2015-02-27
Rinat Great! 2015-02-12
Chris Wade What a wonderful experience it has been subscribing to you VPN service late last year, it is really helped me out. 2015-01-27
Jim Stockbauer I love FoxyProxy so I can watch British tele ! 2015-01-11
Derek Day Very happy with your service. 2014-10-02
Patrick O'Toole Thanks again for the excellent customer support. I have been a customer for several years now and continue to be impressed. 2014-08-08
James Deck Thank you for your excellent customer service! 2014-07-23
Brian Meredith I remain very happy with your service. Thank you in advance for the next six months. Cheers! 2014-07-23
Alan Stevenson I am very happy with your service. 2014-07-06
Sara Kovacs I congratulate you to foxy proxy! It is a great tool and I love to use it :) 2014-05-07
Zandi I just wanna say thank you to make FoxyProxy, it's best way to manage proxies & it made my weak internet powerful & great. 2014-02-24
Aneet Chachra FoxyProxy worked well for me and was easy to setup for Chrome (which I then sent to my TV using Google Chromecast). Used it to watch new episodes of BBC's Sherlock. 2014-02-03
Thomas J Ackermann Wonderful support! 2013-12-18
Shaun Very good customer service. Because of this excellent response - willing to find a way outside of the system - FoxyProxy will be my number one port of call for any future proxy or VPN needs. 2013-12-17
Henry Harvey In general, most of the time I found the service to be satisfactory and have renewed the service for a year. 2013-12-15
David Acosta Thank you for the wonderful service you guys put out with your servers...they have been a huge help to our business and are helping us grow month by month. 2013-12-09
Michael Weissert Your proxy service worked exactly as advertised. I encountered no problems whatsoever! Completely satisfied. Its frustrating that I have to use a proxy just because I am living in Japan, but at least I know I can count on FoxyProxy when I need it. I will definitely subscribe again if the need arises. Thanks! 2013-11-17
Lana Natalie Asprey WOW!! YOU GUYS ARE GOOD!!!!

You can use this as a testimonial if you want, with my middle name, Natalie if you want. And my location is Vancouver, BC. The main reason I've had foxyproxy for years is so I can watch American Netflix and buy movies on Amazon US. Here in Canada, our selection is a lot more limited, and usually several seasons behind what's available in the US. Again, thanks!! That information you gave me goes above and beyond just proxy services.
Teddy Grimstad It seems to work perfectly...the speed is excellent. I can recommend these to anyone who likes to have a WORKING proxy at all time. 2013-10-04
Rene Karolyi Very good and promt service. Thank you! 2013-10-04
Mark Kitcatt I was very impressed by the service, and I shall contract a longer period in due course. 2013-09-09
Nate Grossnass i came across FOXYPROXY when i first came to America for 3 months and i wanted to watch UK sports and continue purchasing National Lottery tickets online & bet on betfair etc... but it barred my location, so i googled how to access these accounts whilst in USA and came across FP. i have been able to do anything now with the proxy, its so easy and cheap, yet the betting sites and lottery thinks im in ENGLAND when i log in and i have full access and get paid winnings into my account... this is not the end... it comes with a VPN which i set up on my iphone and now i can watch SKYSPORTS TV whilst on the go on my iphone cos it thinks im in the UK too and can access certain UK apps too and log in! absolutely the best thing i've ever tried and worth every penny if not more !! thank you FP !!! 2013-08-29
Bruno Morgan I was very happy with the service. Will use again on holidays! 2013-08-19
Harry Coots I'm impressed, your service is excellent. I'll definitely be back. 2013-08-13
Aaron Were My partner and I really appreciate the quality and consistency of this very reasonably priced service. We will definitely renew. 2013-08-08
Carlos Escobedo I used your proxy server to watch mlb.tv without blackout restrictions in Texas. It worked perfectly. 2013-07-28
Roberto Great support center !!! 2013-07-16
David Acosta Thank you for providing such an awesome service. It has been VERY VERY helpful to our business this year. 2013-07-16
Detlev Beutner Cool tool, cool support! 2013-07-04
Ravi Pina I love the product and use it daily for my personal and professional life. 2013-07-04
Nick Stone Great service, very pleased and cost is affordable. Only stopped service as it was only required for limited time. I will use in the future. 2013-06-14
Tony Dobson I took out the three months subscription to cover the time we spent in Florida this winter. The Foxyproxy service worked flawlessly and allowed us to watch all our favourite shows on the Canadian international BBC iPlayer. Great service, will do it again next winter. 2013-05-28
Alan Q. Tang The product/service are both amazing... looking forward to more excited features available in the feature. I will support you as always!! 2013-05-26
Francesco Volpi Thank you for your service. It has been very useful and straightforward. Really easy to setup, and functional. I will surely use your service again in the future. 2013-05-18
Josh Jacobs I just wanted to say thanks for foxyproxy...After a quick install of foxyproxy, tweaks, and the following of simple directions this thing works like a charm and is AMAZING. The speed, the simplicity, everything. Thanks so much. 2013-05-17
Scott Devereaux You have no idea how grateful I am for FoxyProxy. I don't even have the right words yet because my HUGE problems that just got resolved with its use...I would seriously have to get on a plane tonight and fly >5K miles (to a destination I definitely do not wish to return to any time soon) if it were not for your product...THANK YOU!!! 2013-05-16
Rachael Totten Kensie was fantastic in the way I was dealt with. I really appreciate Kensie's help--even with questions that were stupid! Please make sure Kensie is rewarded for their excellent customer service skills. 2013-05-15
Faisal Al-Shetwi Awesome service, fast, stable, and secured. Thanks, keep up the good work. 2013-05-09
Michael Dally I have had a proxy account with FoxyProxy each year for the past 5 or 6 years and have always been extremely satisfied. As a result of this I will definitely be setting up a new account in around 6 months time. 2013-05-09
Greg Prickril Very impressed by your support. Good job! 2013-05-07
Chris Gates Your product is top notch and your support and response times are crazy fast. Good stuff. Will recommend FP and likely return in the future. 2013-04-30
TheeSwashbuckler FoxyProxy provided a great service, with snappy customer support, and quickly resolved all down times. 2013-04-29
Jay Stone Very reliable service. 2013-04-26
Godfrey Thanks again for your excellent customer service earlier!! honestly, it is top notch!! ... you guys are great!!! 2013-04-24
Patrick Stiehm You provide a very useful service. We'll be using it again, soon. 2013-04-23
Phil Stark I use FoxyProxy when I travel as it allows me the freedom of visiting sites as I would at home. Also, I find it annoying (without FP) that many sites redirect me to their local version, sometimes not in English, depending where I am. It works as it should - what more can one say? 2013-04-22
David Acosta Thanks for all your help again, I really appreciate it and the service your company provides. 2013-04-21
Douglas Liner A good service and I will use it again in the near future. 2013-04-19
Len Schultz Totally satisfied - renewed my subscription, and went to FoxyProxy Plus. 2013-04-17
Wilfred Longo Thanks for your wonderful service while I was in Afghanistan! 2013-03-28
Kelvin Logan I am happy with the service and cannot at this point suggest any improvements. 2013-03-26
Ken Ellison I have been so impressed with FoxyProxy that I have renewed my account and upgraded to FoxyProxy Plus. Thank you for an efficient service 2013-03-15
Miriam Hodge Your service is life changing for those of us living behind a firewall. I am much happier with access to unlimited raunchy jokes and pictures of cats. I have just complete a year and signed up for my 2nd. 2013-03-12
Tony West I am a Brit living in Germany, and have been using Foxy Proxy for 3 or 4 years, am very happy with the service, I can't remember it ever being down, and have just signed up for another 6 months, I love the add-on tool. I have recommended FoxyProxy to many friends that now use the service. Thank You. 2013-03-05
Julie Baillie We will definitely continue to use FoxyProxy. 2013-03-01
Sue Margetson I am in USA and have been here for 3 weeks and am due to go back to UK at the weekend. I signed up and was unsure if this was going to work or was worth it. I have to tell you its been fantastic. Occasionally the buffering was a little annoying but compared to not seeing the rugby etc it was bearable. I will, without doubt, be using this again on my next trip in May. Well done Foxy Proxy!! 2013-02-13
Stephen O'Brien I bought another (renewing) proxy a couple of days ago. Happy with the service. Shopped around before renewing but still found yours to be the best combo of proxy and VPN for the price. I use it pretty much exclusively for the BBC iPlayer. 2013-02-10
Stephan Dreiseitl I'm very satisfied with your service, and continued with a year-long plan. 2013-01-29
James I was very happy with the service. 2013-01-26
Mal Collins I love my FoxyProxy, I travel a lot around the Middle East and often find news articles and information blocked, and also many countries block access to my Skype account pages, but FP has never let me down! 2013-01-13
Jo Anderson Living in Tanzania and France means that your proxy service has been a fantastic addition to our TV viewing year - keep it up! I have never experienced any instability in your proxy servers, whether accessing from TZ or France, so I have purchased a year long proxy again. 2012-12-31
Daniel von Wachter Foxyproxy worked fine for me. I use it mainly for books.google.com. Will set up a new account. 2012-12-31
Jaci Stephen I think the service is terrific and 99.9 % reliable! 2012-12-27
Torrens Lyster I took out a 1 month subscription to give the service a try. Wanted to be able to watch UK tv when out of the country and it works fine. 2012-12-12
Juha-Pekka Mikkonen I didn't have any problems using your service, already bought a rolling 3 month package. 2012-12-12
Pablo Chiappetti ...Let me say that your service is excellent, never had a problem with your proxy at all. 2012-12-11
Michel Polanchet Thanks for your great service and for all. 2012-12-03
Jaci Stephen Your service is GREAT!!! 2012-11-23
Vladislav Todorov FoxyProxy's proxies work really fast used by a number of computers at once and are not blacklisted by any service or website that we've encountered so far which is a precedent in my experience. Their support answers same day and their live chat assistants have a real chat with you to resolve the issues unlike many other where your assistant takes forever to tell you robot-like suggestions that help very slowly. The higher price compared to other proxy services is completely worth it. 2012-11-21
Douglas It was a great service. I don't need it now, but I will need it again starting in April for six months, so I will get back to you then. 2012-11-09
Alex Hornsby The service I received via Foxy Proxy was very good. 2012-10-22
Jeff Schmidt Great reliable service. I love it. 2012-10-21
Gary Lock Thank you so much! That's honestly why you're the best service! 2012-10-20
Erik Gjessing thx man ur the best. now i can watch bbc iplayer from sweden. 2012-10-14
Philip Abbott Signed up for another year. Great service. Would be lost without FoxyProxy. 2012-10-13
Michael Gebhart Love the Foxy Proxy! 2012-10-11
Adrian Dawson I have really enjoyed my FoxyProxy experience. 2012-10-10
Mark Leroux I found your service fantastic, it was quick and easy, I was up and running in less then 5 min. 2012-10-04
Mark Leroux We have a data cleansing team in a different country and some of the systems they needed to work on will only allow local users. FoxyProxy allowed us to continue our work seamlessly. 2012-10-04
Graham Parkinson Thanks for the excellent service and speed of response. 2012-10-03
Nic Barnes I thought the FoxyProxy service was very good. 2012-10-02
Jeff Schmidt I've been using your UK Proxy service for a couple weeks now and like it very much. I'd like it to be extended to a yearly contract. 2012-09-30
Moiss Meza Fantastic service and support! 2012-09-19
Theodore Lewis Absolutely rock solid performance. Excellent speed. This is the place for a high-quality proxy! 2012-09-14
Kristin and Mike Platson Thank you so, so, so much for this service!!! It was a godsend!!!! You saved me from having to suffer through NBC's horrid Olympics coverage. Thanks a million! You'll be hearing from me again in 2014 when its time for the Winter Olympics. 2012-09-05
Eric Rose Your proxy is excellent. The speed was phenomenal. I like the non-recurring option and the 3 day trial option to confirm it works as described. I like the secure random username and password that was generated. The service far exceeded my expectations. I will use it whenever I need a high performance proxy. 2012-09-02
Stephen Reynolds Thanks - very good service. 2012-08-30
David Eaton I have enjoyed your service. 2012-08-24
Rachel Ash-Bernal, M.D. I have been very happy with the Foxy Proxy service. 2012-08-20
Neil Hodgson I am very impressed with your service which seems to work quite well. Please can you tell me how I can renew for a longer period of time when my subscription ends on September 1st. 2012-08-18
Charles Whittington Excellent service - always reliable and fair priced. I just signed up for another 6-months, and this time with auto-renew. 2012-08-14
Brian Moore I've been a FoxyProxy user for years...Very impressive, actually. 2012-08-11
Anonymous via live chat Had a problem yesterday but a text chat with Valerie sorted out all the problems (we switched servers). Just wanted to say thanks for sorting it out so well and so quickly. 2012-08-10
David Evans I found the tech support wonderfully fast and accurate. 2012-08-03
Harry Franz Foxy Proxy worked perfectly. Thanks. 2012-07-23
Dan O'Sullivan Excellent service, really happy with it & will definitely use again. 2012-07-19
Sarah Hoffman I love your service and have helped numerous friends get set up with you. 2012-07-11
Sarah Hoffman Thanks for the follow up and the awesome service, which is a hallmark of the whole Firefox enterprise. 2012-07-11
Pete Smith Great service and very reliable. 2012-06-30
Tim Relf I did a new 6-month subscription with FoxyProxy this week, Still luv FoxyProxy! 2012-06-29
Timothy Harris I think that Foxy Proxy has great customer service, and the proxy worked well. 2012-06-22
Xavier Thanks for a fantastic service. 2012-06-21
Ken I like your service. I converted to an yearly subscription. 2012-06-19
Andy McCullough We used your service on and off for about a year (we are based in Gibraltar and Spain). We found the proxy tool ideal for receiving some UK channels that would not function within the browser. I have absolutely no complaints about the service and I do not recollect any time that the proxy was unavailable. We will probably sign up again in the future, but we currently do not need the proxy. I would (and have) recommended your service to other people in a similar situation. 2012-06-15
Gary Chorney I had a one month subscription and was very pleased with the service. 2012-06-06
R P A Van Renterghem Dear team, thanks very much for providing the Belgian proxy to me. It's been useful to me and I love it. Please, continue supporting this country in the future. You'll see me again. You do a great job. 2012-06-03
Tom Stein Good product. 2012-06-03
Chris Denenny Your customer service is amazing :) 2012-06-02
Klaus Elias Nielsen We have been very pleased and have made a new subscripton. 2012-06-01
Tim C. I must say you guys are very responsive and helpful. It's refreshing in today's world! 2012-05-30
Mike Dally I have been using FoxyProxy for a number of years and have always found it to be perfect for my needs during the winter months when I live in Florida. I have friends who question why I don't use one of the many free proxy services available on line, as they do. The simple answer is that, without exception, they all have problems with them. Foxy proxy is reasonably priced, efficient and well supported and is a service I will continue to use in the future. 2012-05-25
James Eckett The service worked well, and I appreciated the secure connection. 2012-05-19
John Travillian Your customer service was great. I found myself in a position where I didn't need a proxy, but if I ever do, I will come back to FoxyProxy. 2012-05-16
Shealtiel Weinberg The service is excellent. 2012-05-15
Jason Thatcher The proxies [..] have been stellar. I am using these to cross reference some of our internal hosts for VPS testing. 2012-05-11
Carl Short Top support, guys! 2012-05-11
Crispin Thank you for setting me up with the VPN. I am extremely happy now :) 2012-05-09
Glenn Patchen, Jr. You are a saint!!! I've spent 3 days looking for this. I'm gonna pay for the upgraded version! 2012-05-09
Kaleva Williams Your proxy service works great. 2012-05-05
Jo Square I was pleased with the proxy to view internet channels, I would in future recommend this site. 2012-05-04
Gary Meiser As for the proxy service, I've never had a problem. Works great. 2012-05-01
Victoria Pickett I have already renewed for a year. I love FoxyProxy. Thanks for FoxyProxy, keep on going. 2012-04-26
Martin Frost Good service! Just taken out another year's subscription. 2012-04-25
David Grant Service is very good, easy to set up. I have suggested to a few friends to sign up. 2012-04-20
Albert Welbel Reliable, fast and constant. I was able to rely on this service and without fail it worked. I am pleased and applaud the FoxyProxy team for keeping the app fresh and up to date with all improvements working. 2012-04-20
Cliff Scott I think the service is great. 2012-04-18
Michael France I have already purchased a new subscription. I like your proxy. 2012-04-13
Rachel Cakebread Thanks it was good, no problems. 2012-04-13
Frank I set up a new 1 year subscription before old one expired. I'm very happy with this. 2012-04-12
Jean Moniatte We are extremely happy with FoxyProxy, it allows us to use US based streaming services from France without any issue. We will for sure re-subscribe as soon as we have internet access again. Thanks, and congratulations for the great service! 2012-04-03
Joe Dierker I had a great FoxyProxy in the U.S. last year, and i'll be wanting to do the same again this year. 2012-04-02
Aleksandra Wenglorz Thanx for your fantastic support! I am really impressed! 2012-03-29
Jack Morrow Thanks again for the amazing support and I really appreciate the help in resolving this issue so quickly. I will be sure to inform my bosses about the great customer support provided. 2012-03-27
Ken Ellison I am very satisfied with FoxyProxy. 2012-03-22
Kelvin Logan I have renewed my subscription and its working fine thank you. Im very pleased with your service. 2012-03-20
Raffaele I appreciated the fairness of paid proxy terms and conditions: I had the opportunity to try the proxy of interest at no charge. The procedure is reasonably fast and secure and the proxy was made available immediately. 2012-03-18
Nicole D. Thank you for several years of outstanding Proxy service. 2012-03-09
Matt Brydson Absolutely loved the service; connecting any time of day, very rarely an issue. A couple of times we had some congestion issues that slowed / stuttered the streaming, but they were minor overall. The whole FoxyProxy experience was seamless, and you've obviously done fantastic work at making a seamless plugin. 2012-03-09
Leslie Porter Have already resubscribed. Thank you for good service. 2012-03-08
Shigeo Yoshinari I was very satisfied with your service. Reason I stopped the subscription is that a football season was over. I'll return to your service for the next football season.

Thank you for your giving me a nice proxy server.
Christian Burtt Great service. After using it for a month, we decided it was great and bought a year subscription! 2012-03-02
Steven Raiguel I was very pleased with the FoxyProxy service. It was easy to set up, transparent, remarkably fast, and would certainly be my first choice should I again have need of a proxy service. 2012-02-25
Anonymous I just wanted to say thank you for making foxyproxy. Thank you, people like you make the internet a free, open, and wonderful place. 2012-02-18
Arabella Rodriguez I am very satisfied with the proxy you have given me and fully intend to renew my subscription. 2012-02-17
Ray Brown Thank you for FoxyProxy. I have now purchased for an additional year. 2012-02-16
Andr Sirois Was pleased with your service. Thank you. 2012-02-15
Alice Murdoch I am really happy with the service you provide and want to continue. 2012-02-15
Robert Dean Pretty much excellent all the time, Thanks Foxy Team, I will be renewing my subscription post haste. 2012-02-14
Rahied Ishaak Thanks, Im very satisfied with your services! Server is very fast, so I was able to use it for Darts World Championships, that were aired on the BBC-website. 2012-02-12
David Steele Happy with the proxy server service. I already set up another subscription. 2012-02-10
Darren Robson Please send me the receipt for my recent subscription to FoxyProxy. LOVE IT! 2012-02-09
Luis Dardon Thank you. I did enjoy having the foxyproxy. 2012-02-08
Paul Magnus Good service. 2012-02-08
Mike Singleton I think, Foxyproxy is very good 2012-02-08
Richard Atcheson I was happy with the proxy subscription and intend to renew... thanks for a great service. 2012-02-07
Anita Bathija I appreciate the responsive customer service and will plan to re-subscribe. 2012-02-07
Pierre Christin Thanks for your service, which seemed to be very good. I used your proxy to watch some movies and listen to music : It worked fine, I was even surprised by the transfer rate. 2012-02-04
Matthew Reynolds Your service is great. 2012-02-04
Said Marouf I've been a happy customer for years now. 2012-02-02
Abdul-Munam Touba Thanks for your good services and I have plan to subscirpe for one year.
Assuring you that foxy proxy service is well-known to most of people here.
David Weaver The proxy worked great. Bought another one from you, self-renewing. 2012-01-31
Andrea Wai Ming Chan Absolutely no complaints and have already re-subscribed to 1-yr extended service. 2012-01-31
William Valentine I used your service as a try out. It seemed simple enough to use and it seemed to work fine. 2012-01-25
Niko Neufeld I was always very happy with your service - I will renew the subscription ASAP.
Excellent quality, reliable, no issues whatsoever.
Marco Dalco I used FoxyProxy for a month to get around the state filters here in Dubai to watch 4oD. 2012-01-24
Guy Roberrs The service has been a good one. 2012-01-23
Christopher Burton I bought a 1 month non-recurring subscription for a UK-based IP address and have been delighted with the service that you provide... I'd like to stress again that I have had a great experience thus far with FoxyProxy. 2012-01-23
James Bevan Great service! Been watching Match of the Day and X Factor whilst in Japan! Much faster all round than the slow free proxies available online. 2012-01-17
Jim D The service worked fine, great concept. Just less personal time to use it as I intended. (TV viewing). 2012-01-13
Peter Dalison I have had an excellent experience using FoxyProxy and I have already subscribed for a further 6 months, thank you. I was able to watch the Rugby World Cup live thanks to this service. 2012-01-12
Mal Collins My subscription expired because I didn't update my credit card details, otherwise I would have renewed automatically. I have taken out a new subscription because you provide the best proxy service, ever! 2012-01-12
Randy Adams excellent service,... I used it to see the Olympics. The proxies were excellent, very little, if any delay. I have used other proxies and always have found them to be way too slow. I have already recommended yours to several people...keep up the good work! 2012-01-09
Ken I'm happy with your service, since I couldn't extend the subscription I set up a new one (for 6 months, after which I'll be back in the US). I particularly liked that you responded so quickly in the help forum (I had a problem with needing to move the cursor to keep the video streaming smoothly, I'm not sure it's working any better but I appreciate the effort). 2012-01-08
Tim Holden Just signed up for another 6 months package....This allows me to stay connected to the BBC iplayer whilst travelling in Asia. Great consistant connections...Thanks 2012-01-05
Jim Dever it was great-- just forgot to renew. Will resubscribe now. 2011-12-09
Trisha Scott I have renewed the subscription - I have been happy with the service I have received and so have chosen the renewable option. 2011-11-29
Anders Peterson Been totally happy with the proxy, but won't need it for a little while. Will absolutely sign up again as soon as I need it. 2011-11-28
Andrew Bellamy I've been working abroad, and having foxy proxy has been a lifesaver! Whilst I could never get live tv to work, it was great to have iPlayer and other TV sources available to take away the foreign blues! Fantastic service, I've recommended it to loads of people as I really rate it! I've moved back to the UK now so not needed at the moment, but I'll definitely use it again next time I'm overseas! 2011-11-24
Debby Betz thank you so much 2011-11-23
Randall Falkiner Great service, easy to use, fast installation and reliable. Will be using your service again. 2011-11-16
Pam You have a great product, keep up the good work! 2011-11-05
Sarah MacDonald Was very happy with service. I cancelled subscription because I am no longer living outside the UK. 2011-11-04
Christian Weitzmann I'm highly satisfied with your product (service). 2011-11-04
Richard Atwater I renewed both my annual subscriptions and set them up with autorenewal. 2011-11-03
Jerome Wise I was living in the US last year and used your service to get a UK based proxy so I could access UK content online easier. I am back in the UK so don't need it, but the service worked well and I have recommended it to others. 2011-11-02
Penny Fanning I found foxy proxy fine and realy liked that you gave warning that it was about to expire. I have signed up for another 3 months so I can watch the end of big brother. 2011-11-02
Brent The service was great. I used it to watch Rugby World Cup games (there was no pay-per-view internet subscription available here). 2011-10-28
Malcolm Lee I found the service to be good, I was travelling in New Zealand for the end of the trip and wanted to access ITV's player. I was very happy to be able to do so. 2011-10-16
Chris Watts Many thanks for a good service, kept me up to date with the going on's in the UK during my 6 months in the USA. 2011-10-16
Mike Fells A great service ... I'm almost sorry that I don't need it right now! But I will again later in the year and I will be back! 2011-10-15
Philip Abbott Tried FoxyProxy for one month. Have now subscribed for a full year on the whole a very good service. Sometimes its a bit sticky but that could be my service providers not giving me enough bandwidth. Will certainly recomend to others. 2011-10-15
Gregory Chirichigno I renewed with a new account for 3 months. I am very pleased with how easy it is to setup with the Firefox plugin and the speed is excellent! 2011-10-15
Tim May I used FoxyProxy throughout the years I was living outside of the UK, and found it an absolutely brilliant service and excellent value, moved back to the UK a month or two back and at the moment have little or no need to use it, but would not hesitate to sign up again should the need arise. 2011-10-06
Padraic McGrath I believe it worked out really well and would like to subscribe for another 3 months. I just tried Black VPN, it's actually pants compared to FoxyProxy. 2011-10-05
Philip Gillman Thanks for the faultless service. I was impressed how quickly any questions I had were answered and when there was a small problem it was rectified almost immediately. When I require a proxy again in the future I will definitely be using your services. 2011-10-03
Mark VanMeter You guys are GREAT. Best support I've had with a product/service. Thanks! 2011-10-03
Alex May I subscribed to your US proxy for one month, after it ran out I renewed for yet another month and I'm right now subscribed for a whole year and giving away another 1-year subscription as a present. This is a high quality service with very good speeds (long 1080p music videos loading in 1-1,5 minutes) and no downtime at all. Furthermore, the proxies are totally anonymous (essential for sites like NBC.com) and the support ticket system is exemplary. Highly recommendable. 2011-10-02
Name withheld by request I've already subscribed again so it's obvious I'm happy with the service. 2011-09-27
Emma Hamilton i love your proxies,they are fast and reliable.

Keep it up....nice service.
Eedra Very happy with service and speed of resolution. Thank you. 2011-09-22
Krishna Srinivasan Great service, and very easy to set-up and use on Firefox. I just wanted to test it out for 1 month and was satisfied. If I need it in the future, I will definitely be back. 2011-09-21
Diane Walden I only subscribed for a month just to test the connection speed and see if I could enjoy movies without interruption. The movies load seamlessly and the connection proved 100% reliable. I will be renewing! 2011-09-19
George Diamantopoulos My experience with FoxyProxy, both in terms of connection speed and account setup/management, was absolutely perfect.

So, keep up the good work!
Baron Woodward Thank you so much for the excellent support. I am very satisfied with this service and it is meeting my needs at the moment. 2011-09-14
Ken DeGennaro Invaluable service to us. 2011-09-13
Nina Kolos Your proxy server (Poland) makes our work easier and faster. We are very happy with your service. 2011-09-12
Name withheld by request The availability of FoxyProxy proxy servers in various geographic locations has proven to be invaluable during our testing of localized content during our glocal service rollout. The service has been extremely reliable and FoxyProxy support has been very responsive and helpful. 2011-09-12
Jez Craven Thank you so much. Very impressive customer support. 2011-09-10
Les and Amberley We tried your proxy as a test to see if it lived up to it's promise, we had tried a free proxy and found it to be not very good at all, it was a nice surprise to find yours was just what we wanted and was unobtrusive and performed up to our needs subsequently we have already joined for the next 6 months if we are still happy with it we will extend again. 2011-09-09
Marc J. Covele Must say I like what I have experienced so far with your service [after one day] 2011-09-05
Andreas Great service, been using it for years now, everytime I go to Germany, I am signing up. 2011-09-01
Brent Marnati I was testing your services for a client and I found the setup and use of your FireFox addon and proxy servers to be easy and reliable. Thank you for providing this valuable service. 2011-08-30
Mark Eagling It was 100% fine. I have never needed a proxy of this type before, but used your free trial period when I did. I'll re-sign up should I need one again. 2011-08-25
Alex May I had a 1 month subscription for a US proxy, and it worked wonderfully. I had no downtime at all and amazing speeds, especially on high-bandwidth sites such as Youtube (90 seconds loading time for 8 minutes of 1080p video!). I am subscribing for another month right now, and I plan to take 1 year subscription after that. Amazing service! 2011-08-25
Nick Lee Many thanks, your serviced worked great while I was in Argentina, I will definitely use it next time I go there. 2011-08-23
Daisy Tongy I've shared your add-on with so many people, I should have shares in FoxyProxy! Congrats on the expansion and thanks for being such a fantastic service. Good luck for the future. 2011-08-23
J.M. ten Broek Being satisfied by the proxy that has now expired, I've already set up a new one ! 2011-08-22
Leo Your amazing service switched me from using Safari to having Firefox as my default browser. When I re-subscribe, I will take a longer contract. Thanks 2011-08-19
Ian Strachan I am so pleased with service that I have already renewed my subscription for a whole year and in perpetuity! I am also delighted with the swiftness and clarity of reply to emails if I do have minor difficulty. 2011-08-18
Carlos Hi there ..Thanks for your service - it was great!!!!!!!!!! I will came back next month. 2011-08-16
Europatan Works perfectly, thanks for that, and thanks for providing such an amazing service!

Kind regards.
Ross Wehner The service was great! The speed was just as fast as my internet at home! I will definitively be subscribing for the next series of Top Gear!

Keep up the great work.
Brad W. Rudover I've been very happy using Foxy Proxy. I recommended it to a few friends and I intend to renew this week. Thank you for making my netflix dreams come true! 2011-08-08
Carol Acton I have already set up a new subscription for a year. 2011-08-06
Brendan Stamp I had some issues at the beginning streaming the BBC. The service worked well on the test and failed to work the following day but your admin were able to detail the fixes and everything was working flawlessly again in a few seconds.

I was happy with the speed and connection quality as well as price and shall use the service again in the following months. My anti-Virus and spyware programs had no trouble with your program. I was unable to have FoxyProxy run on one browser alone, I would prefer if it could be ran on only IE9 or Firefox 5 which I use without requiring logging on the other browser. Other than that I have no complaints and look forward to using the service again when required.
Bruno Zanrosso I tested your service and it turned out to work great. In short time I'm going to be your customer. 2011-07-30
Joe Crook I've always been pleased and impressed with the speed and quality of replies from FoxyProxy, be it on payment issues, or technical/setup queries. I was granted 5 days 'grace' (ie, my subscription was extended for 5 days) to give me a chance to sort out a payment problem - some may say this is 'just good PR'. Well yes, it IS good PR and feels to me like a level of service increasingly lacking in the online world.

Happy customer.
Mr. Olu You have an excellent support team. I dare say the sky is the limit literally for your great company. Thank you very much again. I shall no doubt keep doing business with your firm for a long time to come. 2011-07-23
Sanyi Lakatos I like the Proxy Service. It works well. I am happy with FoxyProxy. 2011-07-23
Mr. Olu I pray your business grows and it sure will as yours is number one in the market IMHO. 2011-07-23
Derek Roberts The service you provide has been fine. I sail on my boat in the Baltic in the summer and with the increasing prevalence of wifi in harbours, it's nice to be able to download programmes to watch when the weather is iffy. 2011-07-19
Lauren Clark Its a great service and I will definitely use FoxyProxy when I need it again. 2011-07-18
Ken Markwell Very happy with the service....Excellent quality...thats why I have renewed my subscription..thanks. 2011-07-03
Gary Abel Its a good service. More expensive than going direct, but hey you guys gotta eat! Am renewing now. 2011-06-30
Steve Merchant Fantastic service, no problems whatsoever. Thank you! I will renew soon. 2011-06-29
Tim Vaughan I was told about foxyproxy and thought i would give it a try, it worked fine but at this time there is no need for me to have it, later in the year i will subscribe again guaranteed. Well worth it! 2011-06-25
Eunghwa Kim Your foxyproxy service was wonderful ... Compared to free proxies out there on the net, your proxy service did provide the fastest and most secure server I have ever used. 2011-06-20
James Perry Thank you for the service which in itself, worked faultlessly, I think. 2011-06-15
Jonathan Sharpe It is rare to have a product work out of the box the way Foxyproxy did. I must say that I am a believer in this product 100%. I have passed my results along to many of my friends that want to view content that has been unavailable to them until now. I say "Bully" and keep up the good work. 2011-06-14
Thomas Wheeler FoxyProxy has been great. I used it all the time and it was simple and reliable. Unfortunately I am unable to continue payment on my subscription for a few months. Once I get back to a financial spot to do so I will be re subscribing.

Thanks for the great work.
Andrea Tong I have had a paid subscription with you for years - love your service 2011-06-07
Annemiek Wegman I have renewed my subscription. 2011-06-02
Christina Spink Foxy Proxy Team, we do not need to renew our subscription until November, when we will be in touch. We do enjoy this service. 2011-05-30
Andrew Rosemeyer THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC! THANK YOU AGAIN! 2011-05-26
Michael Dally I have been very satisfied with the service you have provided for the past 6 months ... I shall be returning to the US in November and will make a new subscription at that time. 2011-05-25
Dana Bush I intend on using your services again. I was pleased and had a good experience with FoxyProxy. 2011-05-21
Nancy Lieff I plan on signing up again when I return overseas. Love the service. 2011-05-13
Khaled Al Hourani It's an awesome stable service, although somehow slow for example when you download a program (many programs forbidden in my country such as skype), but in short it's awesome and easy with the addon and I renewed my subscription :)

Thanks a lot, keep the good work up.
Chris Jones Your service is great, and I have no complaints. I have renewed the service with you 4 times now! Cheers. 2011-04-29
Charles Hardwick Renewed yesterday for a 6 month period, system works great, thanx very much. 2011-04-27
Martin Frost The service was fine. I've just upgraded to an annual subscription. 2011-04-26
Tom Morton I was happy with the service. It's just that I don't need it for the moment. If and when I need it again I would be happy to resubscribe. 2011-04-20
Peter May I enjoy your service tremendously. It's simple and it works. I had one minor concern (which was not your fault) and your support team helped me right away. I could not ask for an easier, higher quality proxy service. 2011-04-18
Mike Schement It was easy to use and worked flawlessly! 2011-04-13
John Evans The FP worked a treat in France last month. I shall be in France later in April and will use it again to keep up to date. How otherwise could I ensure I saw all 20 episodes of The Killing!? Absolutely essential, and the FP instructions are very clear and easy to use. 2011-04-05
Luite van Zelst Dear FoxyProxy team,

Very solid no-nonsense service. Have subscribed again! Good to see the price had not gone up, this is the right price point.
Sharon Twist Just signed up for your private proxy server and the speed is amazing. 2011-03-18
Michael Emberley I thought the service worked perfectly and I would most likely sign up for a recurring plan next time. I used it to access BBC online content in Ireland. 2011-03-15
David Bonofiglio Great service. Tech support was responsive when I had some through-put drops and had me up and running within a few hours. 2011-03-15
Darren Smalley I think foxy proxy offers a great service. I will definitely be setting up a subscription in the future and I have already recommended it to all my expat friends. 2011-03-12
Sheila Hargreaves I have used it with great success for my Kindle!! 2011-03-11
Richard Copeland We found Foxy proxy essential and excellent for use in France and maintaining contact with UK news.. Very sorry to have to relinquish Foxyproxy for now and hope to come back soon. 2011-03-01
Ian Strachan I like your service - it works fine for me and I have already taken out a new and longer subscription. 2011-02-28
Charles Douglas Excellent service, worked a charm for what I wanted. Will be sure to return for a paid subscription if I need a proxy on an ongoing basis. 2011-02-24
Sinan Bulut Please keep up the great work.
I think your work is particularly important in removing the borders in the internet.
Jane Baker Thanks FoxyProxy - I bought your service whilst living out in the US last year and loved it - having The Apprentice on BBC iPlayer was my evening saviour on a few occasions as the US TV is rubbish!!
I'm home to London but but if I'm abroad again, I'll definitely be back to re-subscribe.
Hannes Nagl Thanks for your service. It was really great. The speed was really great and I trust your service and will keep recommending it to my friends. Keep up the good work :) 2011-02-03
Rory Murphy Amazing service! A life safer for a Brit living abroad who wanted to use iPlayer to keep in touch with home and watch decent TV. Thank goodness the Foxyproxy team are more far sighted than the BBC.

Thanks guys.
Angelo Fanzini two days ago i subscribed a new 6 month proxy service. I really appreciate your service. 2011-01-02
Jasper Maclaggenn You guys are the best. 2011-01-01
Karla Babin Thank you !!!!!! For Foxy Proxy, if it was not for you I could not have NETFLIX working !! THANK YOU 2010-12-18
Eleanor Fisher Only positive comments. Have renewed my subscription. Found the service very reliable, quick and responsive. 2010-12-16
Birgit Wiedemann Everything was fine during my test month. Great service. I will definitely subscribe again. 2010-12-12
Jacomo Corbo I'm tremendously happy with the UK proxy service and will very likely be a longtime customer. I use the service to catch BBC programs whilst abroad. It's indispensable. 2010-12-09
Fredrik Fottland Excellent service. I use it watch formula1 on BBC outside UK. Season is now over, but I will purchase a new proxy subscription once the 2011 season starts! I have recommended the service to several friends. 2010-11-19
Hui Ghieh Loy The service is great. Keep up the good work. I'll be paying for this service again the next time I need it. Thanks. 2010-11-15
Eva Frank I'm so happy about the service... 2010-10-22
Christopher Nicolas We love the proxy service! We have checked it on some sites like Browser Spy and it was undetectable. These days with aggressive marketing tactics being used to profile everyone we need all the tools we can find to fight back. This is very easy to use and more convenient than I expected. 2010-10-20
Claire Grivet Just like last year, I was fully satisfied but had little time to make good use of my subscription (only about the first week and the last 3 days of it...). It may have been a non-recurring one but I will certainly use your services again someday. 2010-10-12
Brian Hood I have been very happy with the service. 2010-10-11
Shannon Latimer Marchat I just wanted to extend a big Thank you again for your great proxy service!! I've now had it for almost a year and I love it. 2010-09-30
Floyd J. Carinci Thank you for a great service! 2010-09-27
John C. Campbell III The service is GREAT .. watched last season of Last of Summer Wine and been watching Snooker. 2010-09-25
Tom Swift I have been quite happy with the service...I have already upgraded to an annual subscription. 2010-09-22
Patrizia Franchini 1. The service was perfect and the configuration easy
2. It's a good idea to let people try the service. I would never pay for
such a service without being sure that it works and that the connection is good.
Shelley MacDonald I loved the proxy service, I could watch hulu from france at a good speed, which was great. 2010-09-18
David Rowell I was very happy with the service... I'm just low on cash right now. As soon as things are better I'll be subscribing.

Mike Freeman ...tried out the UK proxy for BBC etc and found that is well worth it so will be keeping the UK one.

Petere Ryley ...a good service, everything works well...brilliant and am delighted that someone told me about the service. 2010-09-11
John Hollan The service worked as advertised. 2010-09-11
Kelvin Logan I am very happy with the service I am having. I joined for one month only and now wish to have a reoccurring membership. 2010-09-08
Lee Osborne I am very pleased with your continued support and obvious keenness to keep up with the competition. I also run my own business and I take a lot of care and time in my product.

I looked around for a while. In my opinion nothing's as good as yours!!

I consequently subscribed to you again for one year rather than just one month.
The Schneider's My wife and I are extremely happy with your product and have enjoyed hours of programing otherwise unavailable to us. Our renewal for continued service has already been accomplished.

Thanks Again!
Bill Vest Your service was excellent and met all my needs.

Thank You!
Amy Carroll I love getting UK programmes while in France............ 2010-09-02
Paul Reed Changed from a monthly to yearly subscription. 2010-08-24
Stewart Carter I was very impressed how easily it worked. I occasionally travel to Italy so
may use your service again the the future. Thank you.
Mike Cooke Excellent service! I also have a year-long proxy with you for the USA. 2010-08-17
Ulrich Goost Brilliant service, already renewed. 2010-08-16
Samuel Harvey Great service! just signed up for full years subscription - many thanks! 2010-08-13
John Malcolm Overall, very impressed. I thought the few problems I had with the BBC iPlayer were the proxy being detected, but speaking to people in the UK it appears that the iPlayer is just unreliable. Apart from that, it was great, and I love the way it can be customised as to which URLs it kicks in for, nice.

When I get back from my travels I will definitely sign up for a year's subscription, perhaps even sooner if a big event happens that I want to watch live.

Good service, thanks
Massimo Roccia service excellent! 2010-08-10
Rob Johnston I can honestly say that I loved your product. I have used free proxies before and found that they were extremely slow. I guess the old adage 'you get what you pay for' holds true. My problem is that my home life, at present, does not allow me to fully enjoy having a proxy. When my situation changes, I would most certainly get FoxyProxy.

Thanks very much and keep up the good work.
Tim Holden Great service. I will sign up again when I go back overseas next month. 2010-08-05
Owen McPolin Wanted to say what an ABSOLUTELY brilliant concept, service and device the foxy proxy is.

I work in Britain, work for the BBC though reside in Ireland and using foxy proxy has simply made it possible to both work abroad and view at home on iplayer items, work and projects I would never get to view on any other browser or in any other country.

Anyway this is just a quick thank you. I'm away at the moment, but will be renewing when I get home.
Carsten Thienemann I just made a new subscription. Thanks again for helping me. Your support is really great! 2010-08-04
Paul Crespel It's been a super service, I will renew for one more month but in 2 weeks I am moving house, and sadly there is no ADSL broadband currently available in the area, and I may have to wait a year or more to get it. but as soon as I get broadband again I will be back. 2010-08-03
Alblarion155 I only had 2 hours downtime for the entire 90 days of my subscription.
I'm going to signup again.

Thanks FoxyProxy!
Paul Sweeney Service was fine. I'll be using you again if a project calls for that type of thing. 2010-07-30
Jo Finn I was very impressed with FoxyProxy. We subscribed last December to FilmOn and as soon as that expires will probably be subscribing to FoxyProxy standard or plus. I have downloaded the basic programme but don't really know how to use it - my fault! I am wary of finding free isps after reading pretty bad stories. 2010-07-28
Elvin Tuygan I was very happy with your service. I only needed it while I was abroad but will definitely use it again when I travel and will recommend to friends. 2010-07-28
Mercedes Burnside Your service is wonderful and very easy to use. Sometime in the near future I will subscribe to your UK service again so I can watch BBC tv. Thanks for your really good efforts. 2010-07-27
Paul K Dzus We had set this proxy up for a test run during the British Elections to access BBC News. It worked really well, it just would get stuck and need to be refreshed every 15-20 mins. but I'm sure that was due to browser limitations or extra high load/traffic due to the election.

We don't run programs during the summer and so won't need it again for a few months. We'll definitely purchase another subscription in the future!

IT Manager
Center for European Studies
Harvard University
Scott Sikora Great service. Thanks for letting me watch the World Cup at work! 2010-07-19
Philip Welch I had a great experience using my Canadian proxy to watch CBC's coverage of the World Cup. I let my subscription expire because I'll have no need for a Canadian proxy for awhile, but I definitely enjoyed it while I had it. 2010-07-16
Timothy Barrable Excellent proxy service. The proxy was fast and reliable and i will subscribe again in the future

Keep up the great work
Michael Thraves Great service. Thanks for the reminder have renewed already with one of your auto renewal options. 2010-07-09
Lee Very impressed with the faultless and fast service over the last three months. 2010-07-01
Roger Sigrist I am more than happy with the service, as the availability, speed and functionality are perfect for me, and I will be setting up a new subscription immediately after sending this.

Thank you for the continued excellent customer service.
Hannu Tuomainen I have been very happy using your service and have seen a lot of US tv shows that I wouldn't see otherwise. I'm going abroad for three months, but after that I'm definitely going to renew my proxy subscription. Thanks! 2010-06-29
George Brannick Service was good - just a bit too dear as a monthly outlay for me at 8 for what I was using it for - watching MotoGP on BBC IPlayer a few times a month or maybe Top Gear. Some months I didn't use at all.

If you had a cheaper package for infrequent users I would be interested.
Paul Wise No problem with your services. An earlier e-mail from you said that I couldn't extend this (non-recurring) subscription, so I have already signed up for a recurring six-month subscription. 2010-06-20
Peter May I created a new subscription with the auto renewal option. I have had very good service from the existing subscription with a few exceptions when it seemed not to be fast enough to handle the video feed from the BBC Iplayer. Not a big deal, though. BBC is the primary reason I got the subscription and it has been nice to have.

Thanks for the great service. It is well worth the price to have a proxy you can count on.
Ian Bissett A great service. This allowed me to catch up on all my UK TV Shows via iPlayer from Australia. Great speed and high reliability.

I also used the service to manage and test a GeoIP'd website I run from the UK. Again... quick, easy no hassle.
Ian I have already renewed.
A very useful service. Thanks!
Will Hunter My feedback is I watched a lot of BBC episodes of Dr. Who, and if I feel the need to do it again, I'll re-up my subscription.

FoxyProxy worked - the paid proxy worked very well. Thanks!
Sam West Thanks. Everything worked as advertised for me, and I'm very satisfied. 2010-05-27
Pierre Kacha Great service
I renewed it
Andreas Gehring The service was easy to setup. Netflix worked great. Overall, I think it was a great service, however, Hulu did not play. 2010-05-12
Adam Limon Great service, relaible, had no speed or connection issues. 2010-05-10
Jeff Attaway No problems at all. Happy and will use it again if need be. 2010-05-09
Jim Cooling I used FoxyProxy on my recent trip to Australia (from the UK). Excellent product; I fully expect to use it on all future visits. 2010-04-28
John Weatherley I used the service while abroad and found it to be very good. I will certainly use it again on my next overseas visit. 2010-04-21
Geoffrey S. Knauth Your service worked well for me, thank you. On a couple of occasions, the connection was slow or sporadic, but overall I was able to see the programs I wanted to see. 2010-04-19
Juan Mara It has worked quite well, a few days with service problems but no more than 1% of the time I've used it.

I've subscribed again!
Chris Campbell I enjoyed using the service ... I was still able to stream video quite comfortably on an ADSL2 connection. 2010-04-13
Sharon Ridgway Will be renewing tomorrow when husband gets home.. great service, love it! 2010-04-12
Stew McTavish No feedback other than to say I think you provide a great service.

The need I had for a proxy expired which is why I cancelled rather than the service wasn't up to snuff. It was fantastic.

wishing you future success
Dan Klug I love it! And have already re-upped with a new subscription. 2010-04-06
Mohammad Jabr Outstanding, however sometimes slow (rarely). 2010-04-06
Philip Keevil We love the service. What do we have to do to get it back. 2010-04-05
Nick Bruce I found foxy proxy to be fantastic in it's speed compared to other proxies. Furthermore, finding a legit proxy was difficult and so having both advantages in one package was great. 2010-04-02
Lee Osborne Great service I have been very happy with your product in general. I have been very happy with the performance of the proxy. 95% chance I will return as a client for a full years subscription next time. 2010-03-27
Liz Kene Excellent service, have taken out Annual subscription 2010-03-14
Wolfgang Kannenberg very good service

I just have suscribe for more
Petra Quilitz Just a quick thank you for the Proxy service I used during a recent trip. All was good and it worked well. The only little thing is that it is a bit difficult to set up for people who don't do this on a regular basis. Difficult is maybe not the right word, but just hard to remember what the steps are and where to set them. Once set up, it's great though. I"ll be definitely using it again in the future for watching TV shows. I also use it in my client work as Interaction Designer because more and more e-commerce platforms automatically redirect you to a specific country page and you don't get to see what a customer in a specific country gets to see. That makes a redesign project difficult if you are not actually in that particular country. Just one more good reason to use FoxyProxy. 2010-03-04
Bryn Sadler The proxy worked perfectly thank you. I was able to watch all BBC services in USA for a month. I am now back in UK but will not hesitate to contact you again when I am out of the country for any period of time. 2010-03-03
Johan Falkmarken I will be a returning customer as everything worked so well. Payment, product and the ending of this subscription. 2010-03-02
Mike Dally I am delighted to tell you that I am more than satisfied with the service you provide and that I have, in fact re subscribed . 2010-02-27
Craig Turp I have had a UK proxy for sometime now that is great, works fine and lets me watch the BBC iPlayer (which is what i have it for). 2010-02-23
Mario Riedel Your service is great. No need to change anything. Trying the proxy service before paying is great. 2010-02-07
Lynne Williams I like the service so well that I've already re-subscribed. FoxyProxy is just perfect for what I want to do (watch the BBC iPlayer) and I've already recommended the add-in to several other people. 2010-02-05
Gisella Albertini I downloaded FoxyProxy because I had read about it somewhere in the web and I was curious to see if/how it would work.

I saw it was easy to download, follow the instructions to do the correct settings. I purchase a documentary from a French TV website (just to try something I knew that wouldn't work from Italy [my home country]) and completed a download of a big file without having disconnections or errors. I can say that in general it worked fine and fast.

The process of subscribing and unsubscribing worked also very well.

I cancelled subscription just because I don't need to use a French proxy right now except for testing; but now I know that if I (or someone I know) ever need a reliable software/service like this, I can use FoxyProxy for a reasonable price.
e.norris@mac.com My review is that it worked perfectly. I will use again when abroad for more than a weekend (used it for iPlayer outside the UK). 2010-01-28
David Allen What can I say........excellent! I've just took on six months. 2010-01-26
Brian Davies Works well. Will renew when I am in Spain again in a couple of months. 2010-01-16
Felix Andrew Nice service. I renewed. Wish I didn't have to setup a new account but that's fine. 2010-01-14
Austen Knight worked perfectly i have purchased more 2010-01-14
Mayank Kumar Great Service and quality speed 2010-01-13
Ionut Cezar Great Service, overall good speed (0.8-1.2 Mbits/sec) but it could be better. Unfortunately the main goal for which I made this account was not possible to achieve. Anyway, I will sign up again as the ABC, NBC and other US media websites are working. 2010-01-08
Frank Brassington I have renewed my subscription as I am very impressed with the package. I live in Spain and have problems at various times of the day with BBC2 in particular so Foxy is a godsend to me. I note that the ITV Player is not as good as the BBC package in terms of picture quality and occasionally stops. My son elsewhere in Spain has a similar situation so I don't think it is a problem with Foxy. I did recommend Foxy to my daughter in Almeria who subscribed just before Christmas so 3 sales in one family has to be a positive recommendation. 2010-01-06
Daniel Ellis Good service to allow me to access BBC iplayer, etc from abroad rather than having to change service provider. Have just subscribed for further 3 months. Entering password now is a little annoying each time, but not sure whether to buy foxyproxy plus yet as would need licence for 3 computers. 2010-01-03
Eddie Symons I was totally satisied straight away with the proxy service, I'm going to make an ongoing subscription right now! :) 2009-12-30
Lo Freitas well what i have to say about it is: just amzing helpfull thanks a lot, but i wish i pay it for a year! 2009-12-30
Scott Campbell The service worked flawlessly, and when I travel overseas again in early January I will certainly renew. 2009-12-27
Chris Leather It was very good, I took out a new subscription. 2009-12-27
Lieven Vandelanotte Thanks for this notification. No useful feedback to give I'm afraid; very pleased with the service and will be resubscribing soon. 2009-12-27
Aron Lindberg Thanks guys!

Your foxyproxy solution and the server worked perfectly for me, I love it!

You guys rock, you enabled me to watch ABC's "V" from Sweden!
Julia Lukyanova The service is wonderful and I have never had any complaints about it but I wish you used some other payment method instead or in addition to Paypal because it cancelled my subscription for no reason and without my intention - just declined my card. 2009-12-19
Barbara Clements I have enjoyed using this proxy service and have signed up for another 3 months. 2009-12-13
Saeed A Pandor I think your service is wonderful. I used it for 2 months. The speed is unreal. Keep up the good work. 2009-12-06
Ronald Verstraete Hey,

It works nice and I want to continue with it and I have renewed the subscription.
Garrett Swindell I had purchased 1 month of your service and it was excellent. It worked 100% of the time and would recommend this to anyone who needs one. The other proxy services were unreliable. There wasn't one site which detected the proxy, they all loaded great. Thanks, I will be sure to come back when I need this service again. 2009-11-29
Ruben Stoll I think the service you provide is great. The speed and reliability of the proxy were incomparable. But I think that 8 USD a month it is a bit steep.

I will think of renewing my subscription if I see that I really need it on a day to day basis.

I hope this feedback was useful to you.
David Bouchard This service worked perfectly for me and filled my need right away. It was simple to do and easy to set up.

If ever I need it again I will be sure to visit FoxyProxy in first place.
Allan Barger I've actually found the proxy very good, now that I've figured out how to use it correctly with a Mac and actually watch Hulu.

So I'll be signing back up to use it shortly.
David Moran Is there anyway to continue this service. For some reason the credit card I used is no longer doing foreign transactions. I will try with another card if Paypal will let me. I was very happy with your service. 2009-11-16
Brian Saxby Your service is really easy to use and appears to be reliable and safe. I appreciate the free trial, and my only reason for not taking up a subscription is that currently I won't be using the service often enough to justify the price, although that will likely change with my circumstances in the future, at which point I will sign up. 2009-11-12
Jo Pavlov LOVE love love the product. I had no idea it would be that easy to watch my British shows. I'll be renewing this evening when I get back to my home computer. Thanks for a great product and great service. 2009-10-30
Claire Grivet ...I was entirely satisfied with your service... 2009-10-29
Stephen Daniels Just finished my first month of FoxyProxy, and I am happy to renew for 3 months on recurring payments - the service works GREAT. it is so easy and I don't have to have some other application running changing all my other internet apps.

I've just moved to the US from the UK, and I am still able to function on some sites as though I were still in the UK, which makes my life a LOT easier.

Thanks for a great products.
Charles Hughes I was totally satisfied with your proxy service. I will be using it again when finances allow, by December is the plan. 2009-09-28
Iain Rushton It is a good service. And very useful. I intend to renew my subscription. 2009-09-25
Gijs Aben ...great service. I would like to see you expanding your service to more countries. I guess USA would be nice in order to watch websites like hulu.com 2009-09-17
James Riden Was really useful - just needed it for watching iplayer while in France for summer holiday. Back in the UK now. 2009-08-31
Simon Stokvold Just wanna test your service, as simple as that. Thought it was working quite well, but I don't really need it atm.

If I need a proxy server in the future, I know who to contact. :-)
Keep up the good work.
Joe Baldock Don't have anything particularly technical to say, but just wanted to say thanks for such a brilliant service. Free 3-day trial was excellent (had it not been for this, I more than likely would not have subscribed), and the speed and style in which you send out information makes it such a hassle free effort to get connected.

Also, having the decency to automatically cancel the subscription after one month is a very good business technique. It made me like you guys even more and I know for sure that I shall be subscribing again next year when I move to Italy for 6 months.

Thanks for not being oppressive, arrogant and relentlessly greedy like lots of other companies out there.

From a very satisfied customer
Brian Johnston Yes is was very good. I plan on using it again. 2009-07-10
Paul Farmer Really good service, very pleased. I would argue it's a little pricey but at least I could watch TV abroad with no breaks in stream 2009-06-12
Nick Whyles Great service .. Gonna renew on monthly basis.. Just keep the speed up :o)