FoxyProxy for Firefox FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is FoxyProxy?
  • What is a proxy server?
  • How can I run my own proxy server?
  • Does FoxyProxy support proxy auto-configuration (PAC)?
  • What if I define a proxy in Firefox's Connection Settings?
  • What happens if a proxy goes down? Does FoxyProxy try another proxy?
  • Many web pages are composed of images, javascript files, and CSS files from different URLs. How does FoxyProxy handle this?
  • What is foxyproxy.xml and where is it stored?
  • Why don't the network.proxy.* preferences in about:config change when I use FoxyProxy?
  • I've specified an HTTP proxy in about:config by changing network.proxy.http and network.proxy.http_port, but FoxyProxy ignores it. Why?
  • Why does FoxyProxy enable network.dns.disablePrefetch?
  • Is this extension related to
  • Where can I get help or request a new feature?
  • Under what license is FoxyProxy released?
  • How do I uninstall FoxyProxy?
  • How do I restart FoxyProxy's Tor Wizard?

The FoxyProxy Rules Engine: Whitelists, Blacklists, and Patterns

  • What are patterns?
  • What are whitelist patterns?
  • What are blacklists patterns?
  • Where can I learn how to write patterns?
  • I've defined blacklists and whitelists but FoxyProxy ignores them. Help!
  • FoxyProxy is set to "Use proxies based on their pre-defined patterns and priorities" but it still ignores my blacklists. Why?
  • What is the Default proxy?
  • What happens if more than one pattern matches a URL?
  • There are many flavors of regular expression syntax (grep, egrep, awk, sed, vim, perl, pure posix, etc). Which one should I use for FoxyProxy?
  • What happens if a URL matches both a whitelist pattern and blacklist pattern for the same proxy?
  • How can I match all URLs?
  • How can I match URLs by protocol?
  • How can I match files by extension?
  • Can you summarize how FoxyProxy matching works?
  • Why doesn't my whitelist/blacklist pattern match a URL?
  • Do I have to specify every subdomain of a website in my list of patterns? I want*,*, and* to load through a proxy. Must I write a pattern for each?
  • How can I use different proxies based on my IP address?
  • How can I prevent proxy use on my intranet (local network) and on my local computer (

PAC files

  • What is a proxy auto-configuration (PAC) and where can I read more about them?
  • When does FoxyProxy use my PAC file?


  • How does FoxyProxy secure my privacy?
  • OK, but can I surf the web anonymously with FoxyProxy?
  • Are there any tutorials on FoxyProxy and privacy?
  • Can DNS lookups go through my proxies?


  • What is the relationship between FoxyProxy and Tor?
  • How can I use FoxyProxy with Tor?


  • Where is the FoxyProxy settings file?
  • Does FoxyProxy work with Flash and Java applets?
  • Does FoxyProxy work with IceWeasel?
  • Does FoxyProxy work with IETab?
  • How can I change FoxyProxy's shortcuts (Ctrl-F2) to something else?
  • Where can I get older version of FoxyProxy?
  • Where can I find the FoxyProxy source code?
  • How can I automatically start a tunnel, SSH connection, or run a script when FoxyProxy starts?
  • I don't want FoxyProxy's icon to change back to the default after page finishes loading in Use proxies based on their pre-defined patterns and priorities.

Video and Audio sites

Many video sites permit their videos to be viewed only from certain countries. A common way to avoid such restrictions is to find a proxy server in the appropriate country and use FoxyProxy to load the video through that proxy server.

In order to proxify video content without any lags and delays, the proxy you are using should be capable of high bandwidth. To obtain such a proxy in the US, UK, EU, Canada, or any other country, please see this link.

Known Issues

  • FoxyProxy displays settings.error.3 or Error reading string resource or Error writing settings file or Error reading settings file.
  • I moved my Firefox profile to another PC or another path. Now FoxyProxy doesn't work. How to fix?
  • Why does FoxyProxy sometimes use the wrong SOCKS proxy for 15 seconds?
  • I can't talk to my HTTP proxy over port 80.
  • Double-clicking a local HTML file on Windows displays the message "Windows can not find the file. Please check the file name and try again."
  • Many FoxyProxy buttons don't have icons on my linux installation. But on Windows and OS/X, I see button icons.

Hidden Settings

  • I don't want FoxyProxy's icon to change back to the default after page finishes loading in Use proxies based on their pre-defined patterns and priorities.

The proxy: protocol (scheme)

  • What is the proxy: protocol (or scheme)?

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