FoxyProxy Video Utility Release Notes

EOL19 June 2012
OS/X: 1.05 June 2010
  • Inital release.
1.4.126 May 2010
  • The uninstaller now kills the FoxyProxy Video Utility if it's running when the uninstaller is executed.
1.425 May 2010
  • When uninstalled, the utility now disables the system-wide proxy server settings it sets when enabled. This works around the "no internet connection" some users had when they would uninstall the utility before disabling it in the system tray.
1.329 December 2009
  • Added features to prevent Windows (not Firefox) from repeatedly prompting for proxy credentials
  • Added a notification when the utility is enabled or disabled that notifies the user that proxy changes will not take effect until the browser is restarted (only if a browser instance is detected)
1.216 July 2009
  • A configuration dialog was added to allow the user to set the proxy address from within the utility.
  • The user is prompted on first startup for the proxy server address. After that it may be changed by clicking on the system tray icon and selecting "Configure" from the context menu.
1.119 June 2009
  • Added an animation to the system tray icon that runs when a connection attempt is blocked
1.0May 2009
  • Initial release