FoxyProxy FAQ

What do I get when I purchase an account?

You get a username and password that provides access to 1 IP address in one city/country. You can change your city/country or IP address at any time by contacting us. If you need multiple accounts in different cities/countries, please buy more accounts or contact us if you need more than 3 (we offer discounts). You can connect to your IP address using VPN or proxy connections. For the list of supported VPN and proxy protocols, click here.

How do I stop automatic billing?

Canceling automatic billing is easy and does not require intervention from us. Simply log into the Control Panel and click Actions->Stop Auto-Billing. Stop and start automatic billing anytime without restrictions.

In which countries is proxy/vpn service available?

Over 65. Click here then look below for the current list. We pride ourselves in fulfilling custom orders. If the country you need is not listed, we can usually acquire it for you. Please contact us for special requests.

  • Albania [AL]
  • Argentina [AR]
  • Australia [AU]
  • Austria [AT]
  • Belgium [BE]
  • Brazil [BR]
  • Bulgaria [BG]
  • Canada [CA]
  • Chile [CL]
  • China [CN]
  • Colombia [CO]
  • Costa Rica [CR]
  • Croatia [HR]
  • Cyprus [CY]
  • Czech Republic [CZ]
  • Denmark [DK]
  • Egypt [EG]
  • Estonia [EE]
  • Finland [FI]
  • France [FR]
  • Germany [DE]
  • Greece [GR]
  • Hong Kong [HK]
  • Hungary [HU]
  • Iceland [IS]
  • India [IN]
  • Indonesia [ID]
  • Ireland [IE]
  • Israel [IL]
  • Italy [IT]
  • Japan [JP]
  • Kenya [KE]
  • Korea, Republic of [KR]
  • Lithuania [LT]
  • Luxembourg [LU]
  • Malaysia [MY]
  • Malta [MT]
  • Mexico [MX]
  • Moldova, Republic of [MD]
  • Morocco [MA]
  • Netherlands [NL]
  • New Zealand [NZ]
  • Nigeria [NG]
  • Norway [NO]
  • Pakistan [PK]
  • Panama [PA]
  • Philippines [PH]
  • Poland [PL]
  • Portugal [PT]
  • Puerto Rico [PR]
  • Romania [RO]
  • Russian Federation [RU]
  • Saudi Arabia [SA]
  • Singapore [SG]
  • Slovakia [SK]
  • South Africa [ZA]
  • Spain [ES]
  • Sweden [SE]
  • Switzerland [CH]
  • Taiwan, Province of China [TW]
  • Thailand [TH]
  • Turkey [TR]
  • Ukraine [UA]
  • United Arab Emirates [AE]
  • United Kingdom [UK]
  • United States [US]
  • Venezuela [VE]
  • Viet Nam [VN]

How many IP addresses or proxy/vpn servers do I receive when I purchase an account?

Each account provides you with one IP address (proxy/vpn server) in one country. Your IP address can be changed in case the server becomes unavailable, it stops working with a website you need, you need a different city/country, or you have difficulties with it. Please contact us to change it. We are working on an automated system to handle changes.

How do I choose the countries I want?

After each purchase, you are prompted to choose a country. You are then immediately assigned a single username, password, server name, IP address, and port. Each purchase provides you with one IP address (proxy/vpn server) in one country. You will not be given duplicate IP addresses for multiple purchases provided you use the same email address for each purchase. Your country or IP address can be changed in case the server becomes unavailable, it stops working with a website you need, you need a different city/country, or you have difficulties with it. Please contact us to change it. We are working on an automated system to handle changes.

How do I change my IP address or server?

Your country or IP address (proxy/vpn server) can be changed in case the server becomes unavailable, it stops working with a website you need, you need a different city/country, or you have difficulties with it. Please contact us to change it. We are working on an automated system to handle changes.

I lost my username, password, server name, IP address, or other info. How can I retrieve it?

You can recover this info in the Control Panel with your email address and account number. If can't find your account number, please contact us.

How many computers, phones, tablets, devices can I use with my account?

There are no restrictions. You can use any number of devices.

How many people can use an account?

Only one person can use an account. If a friend or family member needs access, please purchase another account.

Video streaming is choppy or my connection is too slow through the VPN/proxy. What can I do?

Our network is load-balanced and carefully tuned to provide bandwidth more than sufficient to stream HD video. If you have buffering errors, choppy video, or other network speed problems, please do the following:

  • Visit
  • Test your connection twice: the first time while connected to your VPN/proxy account, the second time while disconnected from it (using your local internet connection)
  • If the reported speed while connected to the VPN/proxy is approximately the same as while disconnected from the VPN/proxy, it is likely that your local internet connection is not fast enough to handle video OR the website you are visiting is overburdened at the moment.
  • If the speeds are significantly different, there may a problem with your VPN/proxy server. Please contact us for help and provide the reported speeds from

Do you filter or block any webites or services?

Absolutely not. We do not filter or block anything. Ever. This includes DNS lookups, porn, P2P services like torrenting, SMTP, or anything else.

What information do you log about me?

We do not log anything on the VPN/proxy servers except amount of bandwidth consumed and your username. We collect bandwidth information to load-balance servers. We collect your username in order to determine if your account is abusing our network (DDoS or other attacks). We do not log anything else, including information about you, the sites you visit, or anything about the way in which you use our servers. Logged information is stored for 24 hours. Please read our privacy policy for further details. You will find our privacy policy and terms of service are closely aligned with our philosophy on free speech, free press, and the right to anonymity.

Here is a log sample:

The first column is your username. The second column is the number of bytes in that session or request.

What VPN and proxy protocols are supported?

VPN: IPSec, OpenVPN, and PPTP. IPSec offers our strongest VPN encryption, AES-256. It also defaults to that encryption.
Proxy: HTTP, HTTPS (SSL proxies), and SOCKS5. The SSL proxies offer our strongest proxy encryption with TLS 1.2.

Can I use my proxy/VPN account with CURL, Python, PHP, node.js, etc?

Yes! Here are a few code snippets: node.js example, php example, curl example. Please contact us if you need others.

Where is your privacy policy? Terms of service?

Our privacy policy is here, and our terms of service are here. Both are aligned closely with our philosophy on free speech, free press, and the right to anonymity.

What is your refund policy?

  • VPN/Proxy Services: you are entitled to a refund for any reason for 7 days after purchase. Afterwards, you are entitled to a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your purchase. If your account is terminated due to a Terms of Service violation, you are not entitled to any refund.
  • FoxyProxy Plus and Other Paid Software: Software is refundable only until downloaded. Once downloaded, we cannot grant any refunds.
Please note that Corporate Accounts, one-time setup fees (if any), and consulting fees (if any) are subject to different refund policies.

How many simultaneous connections can I have?

There is no limit so long as you do not abuse the server. Server abuse is defined in our terms of service, #8

What is your PGP key?

Click here. You can use this with

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