FoxyProxy Javascript API

With the Javascript API, you can write webpages that automatically configure almost every aspect of FoxyProxy. When a user visits a web page, clicks a link or button, they are prompted to permit the changes you write using the API. The information below defines all the objects, functions, and properties in the API. We provide numerous examples throughout.

Users must have installed FoxyProxy Standard 3.6+, FoxyProxy Basic 2.6+, or FoxyProxy Plus 4.6+ in order for the API to work. All code samples show you how to check for this requirement.

FoxyProxyTop-level object used to get/set global settings and to obtain the ProxyConfigs object. This is a singleton.
ProxyConfigsUsed to add, edit, and delete one or more ProxyConfig objects. This is a singleton.
ProxyConfigAn object modeling a single proxy configuration. There are 1-to-many of these objects. Editing these objects changes the underlying proxy configuration in real-time.
NotificationAn optional object used to notify your code of events and data.

All API calls require Gecko 2+ (Firefox 4+, Thunderbird 3.3+, SeaMonkey 2.1+), with the exception of:

These require Firefox 9 (Gecko 9) or above.